I am so excited to finally be able to announce that I am pregnant! Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks!  I am excited to be able to somewhat document my pregnancy.
Ly and I found out we were prego on March 20th, 2012, first day of Spring!
I went to lunch with my bestie that day and we got to talking about my cycle and how many days its been since... and she freaked saying I was 2 days late!  I had to take a pregnancy test! We stop by the closest grocery store and bought a test, ran back to the bathroom and began screaming! I didn't believe the 2nd faint pink line but Tab said it was for sure! 
I wasn't going to tell Ly. I was going to wait and take another test when I got home that night... it got the best of me and I text him a pic of the test with the 2 pink lines. He had no idea what it was. Then long story short, he was mad that A: he was not the first person to know and B: I text him!  We laugh about it now but it was a big deal when it happened!
Around 5 weeks we mailed our parents and grandparents these cute little postcards!  Some of our family took awhile to catch on but once they did, everyone was very excited!
Around week 6, I started to get morning sickness and it still is kicking my butt! I have a prescription and it has saved my life. I try to take is sparingly because I feel kinda guilty but it works wonders.
Around week 9 I had my first Dr.'s appointment and my first ultrasound. They could not hear the heartbeat that soon but blood work confirmed everything was ok. The ultrasound looked like a black blob!
Around week 12 I had my second Dr.'s appointment. It was short and sweet. We heard the heartbeat, beating at 170. We are healthy and good to go! I have had a pinched nerve that is in my left lower back that just about killed me but seams to be doing better now. 
All I have been able to do is walk-jog and yoga. The thought of anything else makes me what to vomit!
We are finding out what we are having on June 12th. I want a girl and Ly wants a boy, so whatever we get will be just great. I am dying to find out! We bought a turquoise nightstand, dresser and mirror that I am in love with. With a boy or girl, we are going to make the nursery so cute!
Axel (the dog) is not going to know what to do once his mommy is busy! He is already getting yelled at when he jumps on my tummy! Although I have only gained 3 pounds, it doesn't feel great!
I am due on November 25th, right around Thanksgiving! Ly calls the baby a "bean." We know what we will name it if it's a girl but we cannot decide on boy names! Good thing we still have 6 months!

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    Jenna Silotti said...

    I'm so excited for you two! I found out I was pregnant on my birthday and 9 weeks preg! They had to do an ultra sound that day before removing my IUD - talk about an awesome birthday surprise to see and hear our baby! That's fun our little ones will be so close to each other! We should send the boys on a bike ride as we play baby!!

  1. ... on May 18, 2012 at 6:40 PM  
  2. Sherry Gammon YA Author said...

    COngrats... I'm thinking girl! But I'm usually wrong:{ so whatever it is, hope it is healthy

  3. ... on May 19, 2012 at 10:14 AM